R a c e


The starting line of the marathon is  on the outside of the main entrance to the  Adriatic G. Cornacchia Stadium  and makes it way along Pepe Road towards the seafront, turns left into Via A Doria, goes towards the port and then crosses the bridge of the dual carriageway.


al 7,000 Km.

Heading back South, the route crosses the magnificent  “Sea Bridge ”  This bridge was designed by  architect, Walter Pichier and  developed by engineer , Mario de Miranda. It was inaugurated on the 8th of December 2009.


al 3,500 Km.

The race passes the Saint Pietro Apostolo Church on the left hand side, also known as the Church of the Sea, which was designed by a group of young local architects.  The cross on the outside; the alter, the baptismal font, the large easter candle and the basin of holy water on the inside are works of art of well-known sculptors.

al 8,500 Km. 

Passes the D’ Annunzio Theatre , the arena   seats 3000 people which was built in 1963 by  architect-scultor, Vicentino  Michetti which can be found in the Dannunziana Pinewood.


al 5,000 Km

Runners pass the Fountain of Paolucci,  made with coloured cylinders, 16 jets of water  which light up at night,  designed by an architect called Michele Lepora inaugurated on the 5th  August 2012.


al Km. 9,500

Passes the “L’ Aurum designed by the architect Antonino Liberi.  The Kursal was a well-known beach establishment, later turned into a distillery called Aurum and then refurbished by architect, Giovanni Michelucci  and is now a multi-functional hall called “ Fabbrica delle idee”


al 6,000 Km.  

The course goes north along the seafront, here you can admire another fountain  on “S. Croce a Firenze Square “ La Nava di Cascella” Designed by a local sculptor called Pietro Casella which was completed in February 1987 and inaugurated on the 4th of July 1987.


al Km. 10,500


For those who complete the 10 km race, you arrive at the Adriatic Stadium where you departed. Atletes who are taking part in the half marathon will complete another lap, the

finish line is in the football stadium.